We help expatriate managers with high quality programs to raise their cultural and self awareness, preparing them to live and work in host foreign countries.


Who we are

COMPASS is a Monterrey, Mexico based Management development and coaching consulting firm. Our goal is to assist clients working in foreign countries in building effective management skills, creating strong global connections and networked relationships, which will enhance their business results while on assignment in Mexico and other countries.

Our dedicated team of consultants has real world experience across a range of cultures and industries, Our academic credentials and professional assignments enable COMPASS to provide customized solutions designed to focus on cross-cultural learning challenges.



Professional affiliations:

  Society for Intercultural Education Training and Research
  Association for Learning Technologists
  KM/KBD Cluster. ITESM. Campus Monterrey
  European Institute for e-Learning
  World Capital Institute
  Iberoamerican Community of Knowledge Systems.