We help expatriate managers with high quality programs to raise their cultural and self awareness, preparing them to live and work in host foreign countries.


How we do it

At COMPASS we provide an environment during our workshops whereby the participants study their own actions and experiences in order to improve performance. This concept called  Experiential Learning Educational process is close to learning-by-doing and teaching through experiential examples. Our customers receive input to fill knowledge gaps and emphasize on expanding the horizons of participants through case studies, demonstrations, projects, simulations and role-play exercises. 

Our customers learn languages with the Natural Method with an emphasis on developing  language skills in a natural context, they acquire language through interaction in authentic and meaningful learning experiences.

When a new customer approaches COMPASS, we develop a tailor-made program in order to assure all objectives are reached. To begin, we define the situation by running an audit, afterwards we all together determine realistic objectives and resources with a clear understanding of the issues to go through, once everything is specified we offer a solution for the customer´s challenge and set up an action plan to follow.