We help expatriate managers with high quality programs to raise their cultural and self awareness, preparing them to live and work in host foreign countries.


Languages and Culture


Speaking a language that bridges the cultural gap requires developing new skills and a new mindset in order to take full advantage of personal and professional opportunities as they arise. COMPASS training and consulting will lead to success for you and your organization, with a trainer who has your work-related objectives constantly in sight, teaching our English and Spanish Language programs.

Our language Solutions:

  • Your grammar structure: relating it to your professional needs. For example, if you are a CEO whose most critical task in the target language is future planning at global board meetings, then use of the conditional and nuances of expressing the present perfect tense will be key areas of your training.

  • Functional English/Spanish: Anticipating that there will often be disagreements with British or Mexican business people attending your meetings, you will learn how to communicate with them using language that will be understood without causing offense because of cultural differences.

  • Social English/Spanish: We will help you to understand cultural issues. For example, How to conversationally “break the ice” when you get invited to a cocktail party in London or in Mexico City.

  • Professional terms: We will help you to use professional terms. For example, when your accounting counterpart calls and asks you to ‘net off’ the figures of assets and liabilities and to translate all the terms on a P&L and a balance sheet.

The most successful multinationals invest in people who know how to build foreign businesses, bringing in technical experts when necessary and weaving together their contributions. Let us help you to achieve this with you.