noviembre 15, 2016


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Expatriate Managers play the critical role in the process of transforming opportunities into thriving business by transferring (typically from the company´s home base) the required institutional resources, technologies, and know-how; by building country-specific knowledge and relationships; and by developing the local talent that is key to long-term success and profitability. Our goal is to raise personal and cultural awareness and assist corporate executives in the adjustments necessary to live and work in a foreign country. We offer strategies for effectively handling the culture change process.

Consulting and Coaching

Our training will increase cultural awareness, provide practical knowledge of social and business situations, and equip team members with strategies and action-plans for successful cross-cultural work. We offer a synchronic and one-on-one approach to learning that´s perfectly suited to the hectic nature of corporate executives. COMPASS offers solutions which will improve cross-cultural relationships by offering instruction in: How cultural differences affect verbal and non-verbal communications How to reach successful conclusions in business matters Defining country specific business and societal behavior norms Explaining cultural norms regarding business commitments and appointments.