noviembre 15, 2016


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Expatriate Managers play the critical role in the process of transforming opportunities into thriving business by transferring (typically from the company´s home base) the required institutional resources, technologies, and know-how; by building country-specific knowledge and relationships; and by developing the local talent that is key to long-term success and profitability. Our goal is to raise personal and cultural awareness and assist corporate executives in the adjustments necessary to live and work in a foreign country. We offer strategies for effectively handling the culture change process.

Languages and Culture

COMPASS will lead to success for you and your organization with the most flexible language training program. We offer in-person and virtual programs to corporate business people, all of our programs are custom-designed to meet each individual´s unique schedule and set of objectives. We design our Language programs for such practical applications as function-specific skills and vocabulary and conversational proficiency in order to increase the participants’ competency and confidence. The personalized, one-on-one learning program can include functional communication skills, specialized vocabulary and business expressions, grammar structure and conversations in social situations.