noviembre 15, 2016


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Expatriate Managers play the critical role in the process of transforming opportunities into thriving business by transferring (typically from the company´s home base) the required institutional resources, technologies, and know-how; by building country-specific knowledge and relationships; and by developing the local talent that is key to long-term success and profitability. Our goal is to raise personal and cultural awareness and assist corporate executives in the adjustments necessary to live and work in a foreign country. We offer strategies for effectively handling the culture change process.

Workshops and Seminars

Our Cultural Competency Training Programs aim to help executives broaden their understanding, improve their intercultural skills and prepare them to face the challenges they face in their new positions in the host country. They’re designed to build on what they’ve lived and experienced working with different cultures other than their own. COMPASS offers a wide variety of seminars and workshop programs designed to provide both general tools and practical examples such as: Mexican worldview Cultural awareness Capability: Values and attitudes. Intercultural business strategies in Mexico Cross-cultural communication styles Intercultural management skills Social relationships Adapting to the Mexican culture.